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      • News
        April 12, 2018

        Doravirine Effective in Treatment-naive Adults With HIV

        A study comparing the efficacy of doravirine and ritonavir-boosted darunavir in adult patients with HIV who were treatment-naive found that doravirine was …

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      • News
        April 10, 2018

        Record Number Of Specialty Pharmacies Now Have Accreditation

        The number of accredited specialty pharmacies nearly doubled between 2015 and 2017, according to research by the Drug Channels Institute. The fastest-growi…

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      • News
        April 09, 2018

        Pharmacists Can Improve Outcomes

        Pharmacists can improve optimization of medication therapies to improve outcomes and reduce costs. Strategies include allowing pharmacist access to complet…

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      • News
        March 22, 2018

        Cimzia Label Update Provides New Information For Women Of Childbearing Age

        The FDA approved a label update of UCB's Cimzia, or certolizumab pegol, to include new data showing a negligible to low risk for drug transfer through plac…

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      • News
        March 05, 2018

        Review Finds Switching From Reference Product To Biosimilar ‘Not Inherently Dangerous’

        A review in the journal Drugs found that moving to a biosimilar from a reference drug "is not inherently dangerous, and that patients, healthcare professio…

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      • News
        February 13, 2018

        Novartis Gains U.S. Approval For Glatopa For Multiple Sclerosis

        Novartis's Sandoz division has won U.S. approval for a larger dose of its Glatops drug for multiple sclerosis (MS). Click Here to view the original arti…

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